Office of National Drug Control Policy

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Fighting drugs abuse due to threat posed to the American Society

Drug abuses have taken control of many American youths especially those who are in high school. They engage themselves in shoddy deals whereby the end up abusing drugs, and eventually they become addicts. Due to grave concern about this threat affecting our young people, different responses have attempted to rise and take control but end up losing the drug-fighting battle.

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It is essential to value and get concerned about how to limit the rising number of youths who engage in drug abuse activities. Hence introducing an organizational unit that will help educate the youths about the dangers of drug peddling would be a creation option.

The unit would hence focus on different objectives which include selecting teams to go round the schools educating young people. This is because some young students are only used to teachers who only educate them about the dangers but they specifically do not have concrete evidence. In this case, the team unit would also be composed of reforming drug victims who would undoubtedly make young people discover the dangers that drugs lead them into. Another objective would also involve targeting the street youths by setting up street programs that get them into their attention and become educated about the dangers. The unit would also work closely with other organizations that engage in eliminating drug peddling.

To ensure the unit becomes a success, director of the mental and psychology department would lead the organization. This is because the director has enough experience that is required in handling even the most critical issues involving youth’s education.

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