Oedipus Rex and Long Day’s Journey into The Night – Human Weakness of Pride and Ego

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When the play starts, Thebes is kind of suffering from a plague disaster which leaves everything including individuals in a bad state. King Oedipus, who is associated with Thebes, sends his brother into law, Creon, all the way to Apollo to ask what can at least end the hazard. The possible ideology to end the disaster can only be found in the killer of King Laius is found.

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While Oedipus hears this, he swears to find the killer within the shortest time possible. On the other hand, Long day’s journey into night is set around the summer of the Tyrone family, August in the year 1912. The proceeding starts around the morning, sometime before the breakfast period. As time goes on, it is learned that Mary returns to her family after she receives some good treatment in sanatorium associated with bathe morphine addiction. This paper aims at critically comparing the ancient Oedipus Rex and the modern long day’s journey into night. In addition, a comparison will be in terms of compelling pictures of hu8man weakness associated with pride and ego.

It is an unsavory problem for someone to be taken into consideration with a curse. The destiny that is given within the midst of the tale is a motive to make the story entrancing. To keep with for as ways again as you may recollect information that you may definitely kill your father and marry your mother is statistics like that have to be unthinkable to the human cannot break out you are predetermination paying little mind to what you attempt to do and the way hard your assignment. Oedipus is the story of a ruler of Thebes who perseveres thru the scary consequences of fate. In the midst of a time of torment, fires, and awesome kinds of troubles, Oedipus makes a float to restore life and prospering to his nation, wherein he discovers via this traveler that his individual isn’t always what the concept. In this time, he reveals that he has killed his very personal father, married his non-public mom, and had youngsters together with her. Inside no time, mother Jocasta kills herself subsequent to understanding fact and Oedipus ended up in blinding himself. This passes on me to the conclusion that there’s nothing Oedipus should do approximately it. It is every of the 1ust consider to be and a defendant of predetermination. Oedipus’ destiny can’t be changed.

The fundamental ones who can in truth watch are outwardly weakened. Oedipus’ imaginative and prescient great eyes and knowledge have made him an outstanding master of Thebes, while he lit up the inquiry and moreover restoring the metropolis. Regardless, he’s unaware of fact approximately his private precise existence.

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