Impacts of Ocean Warming and Acidification on Coral Reefs

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For many decades, ecosystems in the world have experienced climate changes. These changes include sea levels rising, the increase of temperature, and widespread coral bleaching. Climate change is the change in temperature of our earth that is caused by human activity.

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One of these climate change catastrophes is ocean warming and acidification on coral reefs. Coral reefs are Anthozoa invertebrates of the phylum Cnidaria, made up of calcium carbonate skeletons. Coral reefs range from thousands of different species, making them a unique part of the marine world. Corals reef create symbiotic relationships with other organisms by providing shelter, food, and protection for several organisms even though they risk their own life. Corals are found in tropical islands, surrounded by clear waters which are susceptible to strong tropical storms (Hodgson et al. 560). It is best for coral reefs to be near the sand shore to receive sunlight to make photosynthesis. This allows corals to grow, as well as avoid strong water movements (Hodgson et al. 560). Coral reefs are rich with nutrients, which makes them a vital ecosystem. A vital ecosystem is a system that contains benefits to other environments. These benefits include ecological and economic benefits.

Some economic benefits are commercial fisheries, tourism, and protection of shorelines. Commercial fisheries examples reside in Hawaii, an island that benefits from coral reefs due to food security, primary and secondary consumers, and cultural practices. Hawaiian fisheries provide the land $10.3 to $16.4 million annually, which is then broken down into commercial sales (Grafeld et al. 2017). An ecological benefit with tourism industries resides in the Maldives.

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