Occupational Health and Safety Project

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Occupational Health and Safety

Contents Introduction Fire hazards – Their significance and how to identify them Prevention General safety precautions Conclusion Bibliography


Every year people or employees are fatally wounded by the thousands on the job around the world, the number is increasing day by day and the shocking fact is that a fraction of those also comprise of kids. There is a desperate need to be conscious of the perils at the workplace and employees are obliged to protect themselves by knowing their rights and having a clear understanding of the employer’s responsibility (Garrow, 2010). Employees need to make sure that they are getting the appropriate insurance that would compensate them adequately in case of any accident at work. Any workplace is subject to the hazard of fire. When people around the world are working in different areas and know that injuries and accidents can occur, the need of taking precautions arises. There are numerous hazards that can take place in a workplace which can lead to substantial losses, even death or severe injuries (Garrow, 2010). The most common types of hazards are those that arises from chemical, repetitive motors, fires, fall related injuries and electricity. It is the duty and responsibility of the employer to keep safe and secure environment for all the potential employees working in an organization, it also keeps the environment happier and more productive. Building of safety policies and strategies that specifically address workplace hazards mentioned above would be beneficial for the organization plus the employees. Employees working in an organization might be at risk relating to health hazards if their jobs involve exposure to chemicals. There are numerous substances that can severely harm employees, like, fumes, liquid, gas, solid, vapors, dust and corrosives. No matter, the employee is at risk of inhaling, absorbing or ingesting the substance through the skin or whatever, it is the responsibility of the employer to make sure that the risks are minimized to the fullest. These are the types of hazards which can take place in any sort of business an employer runs and operates, from retail to manufacturing. Fire is the most common hazard and is considered to be the biggest risk in an organization, regardless of the type of the business an employer is running. The Seattle Fire Dept. carried out a research and concluded that around 70000 to 80000 fires take place in businesses in the USA per year, despite taking all the safety measures and precautions. Employees aware of how to use the fire extinguishers, keeping hold of the fire drills, informing the employees of the emergency evacuation plans can make sure safety (Joseph, 2010). In accordance with the UK’s fire safety order every business is legally required to take into account the full responsibility in lowering and detecting the risks associated with fire hazards (Steven,

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