Obscure Place In The The Giver

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Imagine a place where there is colorlessness, no choice; a place where there is only uniformity and dullness. The author has created such an obscure place in the The Giver. We do not know the exact location or time period, however since it is fiction we usually think of it as being set some time in the future where everyone accommodates to the rules.

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The residents have no connection with their ancestors or any memories at all. There are only two people who have access to this; one is the Giver and the other is the Receiver of Memory. These are the main characters in the story.

The Giver is an old man that gives his memories to the Receiver, Jonas, a twelve year old boy. When Jonas receives memories, he learns about negative things like war, hate, and pain. He also gains memories of good things like colors, love, and joy. In the novel, the author portrays many benefits and drawbacks of living in the society of The Giver. Some of the many benefits includes, everyone is treated the same, there are many career opportunities available and everyone is safe. The drawbacks are that the community releases people who do not fit in, there is no love, and people have no choice.

The pros of sameness, and the purpose behind this philosophy, would be getting rid of the negative components in the world. To start off, we can look at physical similarities. Every citizen in the community has the perspective that everyone has the same skin color, eye color,

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