Obierikas Strong Sense

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Change is an inevitable part of life. This is exactly what Obierika and the Ibo clan must do, change, in order to survive the cultural collision of the Ibo and the colonizers in Chinua Achebes Things Fall Apart. Obierika is an example of the type of personality that has a strong sense of self and at the same time is open to new ideas.

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For this reason, Obierikas forward-thinking is key to how he survives the cultural collision; he respects the law of the land and the Oracle but doesnt follow blindly and is cautious to hold his own sense of identity.

Obierikas strong sense of self comes from the customs of the Ibo that guided him in becoming one of the higher ranking men in his village. However, it is his forward-thinking that sets him apart from the rest of the Ibo. What crime had they commited? He asked himself when he thought deeply about the twins that are left to die in the Evil Forest. He respects his culture but knows that there is something ethically wrong with killing a baby. The colonizers bring new ideas about the way people should be treated, which line up with what he has been questioning since before they came. This ties in with his respect with is culture.

Obierika is a man with a high title in his village due to his respect of the Ibo culture. He believes in the Oracle and the law of the land but the difference is that he doesnt follow blindly. But if the Oracle said that my son should be killed I would neither dispute it nor be the one to do it.

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