Obamacare vs. Trumpcare

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Should Americans have to pay for health insurance? If you are a young adult in today’s day and age the first thought that would come to mind would be to say yes. By saying yes you are standing for the Affordable Care Act aka, Obamacare; which includes a requirement called the individual mandate. This is the mandatory health insurance of any and everyone who can afford to pay for it, thus creating money for the ones who can not.

By saying no, you are agreeing that healthcare should be individual and that everyone should be held accountable for their own health and health care methods. These two concepts have been widely controversial for the past couple of years, with people disputing which is more unconstitutional than the other. The fact of the matter is that while the ACA may be socially and morally correct to most, it is much more unconstitutional, to say the least. THE AHCA IS SOMETHING THAT CAN CORRECT THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL NATURE OF THE ACA AND CAN HELP BRING JUSTICE, ACTION, AND CHANGE TO TODAY’S MEDICAL CRISIS. When the American people think of their own laws and rights, one of the biggest ones is our freedom of choice. If it wasn’t for this crucial concept in our society, America as a whole would not be the same, so why is it mandatory to pay for anything, let alone something as expensive as health insurance?

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Health insurance has always been expensive but because of the requirements in which the ACA demands, insurance is now higher than ever. For the people who decide to opt-out, a penalty fee is given in order to force people to consider getting insurance and to provide insurance coverage for the ones who can not afford it. This is unconstitutional as people are getting a penalty for making more than what is considered enough in the eyes of the law. It also forces people to provide care for people they are not legally obligated to so, in the eyes of the law, this should be deemed wrong while in the eyes of society it can be deemed ethical. This penalty threat in turn ended up backfiring as many people decided to pay the fee instead of getting the actual insurance itself (Potter). 4 million people did this to escape the heavier prices that many insurance companies expect today (Amadeo). This shows that the American people do not see this as something that is just and should be paid for and would rather go without insurance. Going without insurance is a risk they understand as their own and are held responsible for any payments they may need to make in order to get health care. Listening to our people should be the number one concern and many of them have shown that paying for others insurance is not something they want to be a part of.

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