Nutritional Prevention in Alzheimer’s Disease

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Alzheimer’s disease is a very complicated disorder and it is not completely understood yet. There have been very few studies in relation to dietary intake and nutritional prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Some recent researchers have been geared towards finding out what preventions would best combat Alzheimer’s disease or cognitive depression in general.

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Some people recommend a specific diet, while others suggest to raise or lower just a few specific nutrients. There is varying opinions as to what the best method for prevention is, but the general consensus was to eat a healthy diet and stay active throughout the aging process. Some researchers have attempted to get more specific and determine which nutrients are important for Alzheimer’s prevention. There are some different organizations and groups with interest in helping prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. BrightFocus is a foundation that currently funds research for Alzheimer’s prevention.

A long with funding a researcher, Alzheimer’s Prevention: Nutrition & lifestyle (2016) also discusses some strategies that could be taken immediately, and potentially decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The people at BrightFocus say that cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity can all contribute to the onset of Alzheimer’s. They believe that someone should maintain active, both mentally and physically, as well as eat an appropriate diet to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The only Dietary advice given is to eat healthy fats like Omega-3’s, and generally have a low-glycemic diet (Alzheimer’s Prevention: Nutrition & lifestyle, 2016). The website does not list any evidence for their claims, but it is presented in a simple manor for the average person to understand. There are other organizations and people who want to spread the information about Alzheimer’s disease and possible prevention strategies. Another website discusses similar ideas for prevention of Alzheimer’s; (About dementia/Alzheimer’s disease, n.d) gets into more detail about the healthful food options and the reasons for making the dietary changes. They suggest a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamin E and a few others for the antioxidant behaviors.

The most important dietary influence to Alzheimer’s disease in the harmful protein compound homocysteine (About dementia/Alzheimer’s disease, n.d). They then discuss a couple studies that associate low levels of homocysteine with high levels of the vitamins B12, B6, and folate. Lowering levels of the protein homocysteine can reduce or slow cognitive decline, and can be lowered with B12, B6 and folate supplements (About dementia/Alzheimer’s disease,

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