Nutritional Anthropology

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Throughout the field of nutritional anthropology, energy balance is used to obtain data and insight regarding the nourishment required by food intake in order to sustain our bodies in relation to the physical activity needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle that is balanced with our energy intake. Although you can be in positive, negative or perfect energy balance, a person’s energy balance does not determine their nourishment and health. Although the USDA gives recommendations regarding intake and expenditure, they are inaccurate similar to the recommendations on food labels (lecture 2, Boose) because they do not take into account the various diversifications that contribute to a person’s health.

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Energy balance is a good indicator of health, but not a perfect indicator because someone could be eating poorly and be within the calories in versus calories out metrics of energy balance. A healthy lifestyle goes beyond energy balance, it is composed of micro and macro nutrient fulfillment within a person’s diet, exercise, sleep, and water consumption.

Although someone may be consuming the proper amount of calories they may not be getting the recommended micro and macronutrient recommendations, and even if they are consuming the recommended nutrients they may not be absorbing them due to food allergies resulting in nutrient deficiencies. My hypothesis is that I will be relatively close to achieving energy balance, but I will be over the recommendations for fat and protein in my diet and under on the amount of carbohydrates consumed within my diet. I predict that my expenditure will exceed my intake, yet I will feel energized due to the increased nutrient absorption within this new diet. Methods & Materials I started my intake and expenditure diary on May 22nd, 2018 and ended on May 24th, 2018. I recorded data points from these three consecutive days because they were the closest representation to what a common week looks like for me in this season of healing my gut from food allergy damage.

I collected my data in Eugene, Oregon on my Iphone through the notes application, then I put the information into the MyFitnessPal application starting on Wednesday and synced my expenditure data with the movement data from my apple watch. After that I inputted the data into the USDA SuperTracker and created reports for the following selected three days and analyzed the reports provided by the USDA on the SuperTracker website. I used my processed data and compared it to the information and recommendations from the Anthropology 220 videos, modules and the appendix. I also recorded how I was feeling during workouts and before and after meals so that I could monitor the absorption and energy relationship throughout the three days. I analyzed the data recorded using the Anthropology 220 lecture materials, readings, and the SuperTracker information.

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