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Our Nutrition And Food We Eat

Nutrition is one of the most important consumptions in our life’s. One way that nutrition Is important to us it acts as a molecular biology. It has become more focused on metabolism and metabolic pathways. (Medicalnewstoday) The way we nutrient our body it can determine what diseases, conditions and even problem we have or can […]

Nutrition and Health

Part I: Identification of Nutrient In the case of an Asian female, she is 35 years old, 5’2” and 95 pounds. She is HIV/AIDs positive, single and does very light activities. She has poor dentition and has poor malnutrition. She is currently under the National Institute of Health which provide her 1200 calorie diet. She […]

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Nutrition Related Diseases & Conditions

My patient is J.W., he is a 60 year old African-American male who identifies as Catholic. J.W. is 6’0” in height and weighs 230lbs. The patient is married and has three children. He leads a fairly sedentary lifestyle as he travels three days a week for work and tends to eat out three meals per […]

Effects of Malnutrition

1. Outline the metabolic changes that occur during starvation/inadequate nutritional intake (not related to disease) that could result in weight loss. During starvation, carbohydrates are depleted after 24 hours, major substrates for gluconeogenesis are amino acids that come from skeletal muscle protein that breakdown, ketone body concentrations rise during prolonged starvation and result in significant […]

Nutrition and Dentition

Background Foods are made up of different nutrients. These nutrients include but are not limited to vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Each of these nutrients is necessary to maintain a healthy, functioning body. Chewing is one of the first steps a person does to eat their food and get these nutrients. There are 32 […]

Nutrition and Diabetes

Type two diabetes is a chronic disease caused by different lifestyle factors, with a focus on diet, and is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in Australia (Ball, 2016). Many patients who are diagnosed with type two diabetes manage this by seeing a primary health care provider. Since diet plays such an important role […]

Iron and Its Importance to Nutrition and Health

It may be taken for granted the impact that the food we eat has to our overall health. The body absorbs nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, from the food that is consumed and uses it in several functions. These vitamins and minerals play many vital roles in reactions and metabolic pathways. Dietary iron is […]

Nutritional Sources and Salinity

Abstract In the laboratory, Serratia marcescens was utilized to test Growth and Prodigiosin production under various environmental factors. The environmental conditions were temperature, pH, oxygen availability, nutritional sources, and salinity. The temperatures tested were 4 degrees Celsius, 25 degrees Celsius, and 65 degrees Celsius, and the pH values were (3, 7, 11). The carbon source […]

Cultural Impact on Food Choice and Nutrition

People have a tendency to live together. Over the course of human evolution, humans have organized themselves in the forms of tribes, villages, cities, states, and countries. Within all of these organizations of people developed cultures that distinguished what people should consume and what they should avoid (Barilla Center For Food & Nutrition). Food choice […]

Nutritional Anthropology

Introduction Throughout the field of nutritional anthropology, energy balance is used to obtain data and insight regarding the nourishment required by food intake in order to sustain our bodies in relation to the physical activity needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle that is balanced with our energy intake. Although you can be in positive, negative […]

Energy Balance in Relationship to Nutritional Health

May 22, 2018 DRI Recommendations in comparison to Energy Intake Intake Status kcal 2082 UNDER Carbohydrates (g) 124 UNDER Fats (% of kcal) 62 OVER Proteins (g) 114 OK Table 5: May 23, 2018 DRI Recommendations in comparison to Energy Intake Intake Status kcal 1784 UNDER Carbohydrates (g) 119 UNDER Fats (% of kcal) 61 […]

Nutrition Requirements

Jasmine is a new graduate with her Masters degree in Healthcare Administration and has decided to open up her own assisted living facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. As she has started her research in what it takes to open up an LTC, she realized that she had overlooked the dietary services aspect of running an […]

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Abstract This paper will attempt to encompass the Supplemental nutrition program, but specifically, fraud in this program. The author will detail the history of SNAP, give a description of the program itself, and then go onto analyze the program. From here, the paper will detail how how the program is exploited by fraud, how politicians […]

Nutrition Self Analysis

BMI & Hamwi: My weight is 172 lbs. and my height is 5’0”. The formula that I will be utilizing to achieve my BMI is (Weight in Kilograms / (Height in Meters x Height in Meters)). When I converted my information to the appropriate units, my weight in kilograms is (172 lbs)/(2.2 lbs) = 78 […]

Combating Obesity with Nutrition and Exercise

Describe the health problem. Why is this a concern for this target group? Poor dietary intake and low physical activity are major causes of obesity for adults in the United States. Due to an increase in access via communication devices and technology, adults are more prone to work longer hours and spend less time on […]

Disease and Nutrition

Part I: The Diet The present paper will focus on Case 001 with the goal to analyze the patient’s nutrition and provide recommendations. At first glance, there is not enough information to determine the individual’s daily protein intake. However, it can be concluded that the patient eats excessive amounts of carbohydrates and fats daily as […]

Nutritional Tips for Building Muscle

A balanced diet is very important for fitness. Especially the protein is a true energy supplier. The demand may therefore be much higher for athletes. With a supply of this protein-containing food the muscle building is optimally supported. It is best to take a protein-rich meal after a training session. Even small snacks should be […]

Nutritional Prevention in Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a very complicated disorder and it is not completely understood yet. There have been very few studies in relation to dietary intake and nutritional prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Some recent researchers have been geared towards finding out what preventions would best combat Alzheimer’s disease or cognitive depression in general. Some people recommend […]

Nutrition Recommendations

Josephine’s current height and weight are 5’2” and 117lbs. At 20 years old this puts her BMI in the normal range at 21.4 (, 2018). Even though she has an eating disorder, it’s not until the BMI reaches less than 18.5 that it is considered underweight (, 2018). Of course, BMI isn’t always the most […]

Gene and Genetic Expression and its contribution to nutritional assessment

Nutrition and diet has become a focal point in the prevention of disease. The tools doctors have at their disposal have done a fair job, but what if there could be a better and more individualized way of making recommendations regarding nutrition for disease prevention? The nutritional assessment tools doctors have been using lack an […]

Malnutrition in College Campuses

Malnutrition is a huge concern among universities across the United States, more specifically for students, staff, faculty, and other lawmakers that surround California State University: San Jose. The World Health Organization defines malnutrition as “deficiencies, excesses or imbalances in a person’s intake of energy and/or nutrients.” This may be found as a result of eating […]

Nutrition and Foods

Asking the question “why do we eat?” seems like an obvious one. We eat because we’re hungry. Food provides us with the energy we need to support our everyday activities and, ultimately, promote our survival. The sad reality is that nutrition education is rarely a priority in the school system. This is most likely due […]

An Active Client’s Nutrition

Introduction and Background of Client The client assigned, named Glenn, is an active individual with a busy life style. He is a nurse at a local hospital who is on feet a lot during the day, but still makes time to exercise regularly. He enjoys running, hiking, and all things active with his family and […]

What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is the process of taking in food and using it for growth, metabolism and repair” (Medical net). Our body depends on the about of nutrients we eat from carbohydrate, protein, fats, water to function well. The nutrients we eat helps our body to work together to it full capacity. During my 24-hour diet tracking […]