Nutrition Recommendations

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Josephine’s current height and weight are 5’2” and 117lbs. At 20 years old this puts her BMI in the normal range at 21.4 (, 2018). Even though she has an eating disorder, it’s not until the BMI reaches less than 18.5 that it is considered underweight (, 2018). Of course, BMI isn’t always the most accurate anthropometric measurement. Body type should be taken into consideration as well as the ratio of body fat mass to lean mass.

The last time Josephine was in my office I put in an order for blood work. I recently received the results of those tests and have been able to evaluate them. Of the five vitamins and minerals, as well as albumin I tested for, only one came within normal range. Her potassium, although on the lower end of the scale was still in the normal range at 3.8 mEq/L. Josephine’s albumin, sodium, iron, and vitamin B12 were all lower than what is considered in normal range. In short, the reason her levels were lower than normal is because her food intake has decreased due to her eating disorder. However, I have assessed her dietary record and looked into why each nutrient was insufficient.

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Potassium is essential in maintaining the balance of fluids and electrolytes (, 2018). I believe the reason Josephine’s potassium levels are at least in range is because navy beans and avocado, both foods of Guatemalan culture, are rich in potassium. Her iron is very low because she is not eating enough red meat or a lot of dark leafy greens (Healthline, 2018). Down the road Josephine may suffer from anemia due to her lack of iron in her diet. I see that she consumes very little meat and dairy which is making her deficient in B12. This deficiency can cause her to experience weakness and fatigue (Skerrett, 2018). Although it’s encouraged to intake a lower amount of sodium to ward off high blood pressure,

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