Nutrition and Health

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Part I: Identification of Nutrient

In the case of an Asian female, she is 35 years old, 5’2” and 95 pounds. She is HIV/AIDs positive, single and does very light activities. She has poor dentition and has poor malnutrition.

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She is currently under the National Institute of Health which provide her 1200 calorie diet. She takes the antiretroviral drug which includes the one-day tablet containing 150mg and 800mg, 1000mg calcium daily. The diet that the patient is taking has a deficiency of CHO, PRO and fat since the patient’s weight is meager that is 43kg. This value is small for an adult with 35yrs. This means that the diet is deficient of protein for bodybuilding and carbohydrate.

The diet does not meet the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) since the patient seems to have insufficient calcium in her body. This is indicated by the poor dentition conditions that she has. The 5 nutrients that are recommended for the patient with a deficiency in macronutrient are the calcium, vitamin A, potassium, vitamin C and Iron. Calcium is a very essential mineral in the body because it helps in the development of the teeth and also strong bones. The patient is associated with performing a light activity which indicate that the patient’s bones are weak due to deficiency of calcium. Vitamin A is another essential nutrient which is highly recommended by the people living with HIV/AIDs because the diet with vitamin A has a very vital role in improving the immune system of the patient. The people living with HIV/AIDs has very low immunity and it is essential for them to boost their diet with vitamin A (Hummelen et al, 2011). Poor dentition of the patient show that she lacks a diet with enough vitamin A because vitamin A contributes in the development of bones and teeth.

Part II(Disease &Nutrient)

The patient with HIV/AIDS should have a much-planned diet because if the diet lack some important nutrient or vitamin may cause a lot of complication and cause the health of the person to deteriorate. The victims are associated with diarrhoea which is caused by malabsorption as a result of the gut not able to uptake in the appropriate manner which causes loss of protein in the patient’s body. The patient with diarrhoea symptoms needs to take diet which is rich in protein to build up all the muscle tissue that breakdown. The patient whose diet does not have some certain nutrients which do not boost the immune system may cause the patient’s disease symptom to increase because the patients are associated with high-stress levels which has an adverse effect to the immune system. The patient may be eating a lot of food but the disease symptoms progress meaning that the diet that the person is undertaking does not help to boost the immune system.

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