Nursing And Patients Aith Diabetes

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Step 1; the chosen topic is Diabetes

Step 2

Two patients based medical applications ?· Enhancing inventory control and reducing costs ?· Eliminating errors caused by manual interventions and workarounds

What applications would I upload?

?· Record of prescriptions, pharmacy information and medication consumption actions ?· Set of reminders for medications from various time intervals such as hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly ?· Manage medications and assist hospital pharmacy refill with proactive reminders.

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Reason as to why I would download these apps

Being a patient, I have been advised by my medical doctor about certain apps that I need to have in my Smartphone or computers that will help me review swiftly on the issues affecting my diabetic illness (Gordon, 2005). The main reason as to why they came up with this modern technological compliance is to cut off the health care costs that would be consumed by the medics during the examination process and also save the transport cost of patients and these apps are known to provide the patients with the most recent information about the diseases or rather the illnesses that they suffer from.

Step 3; creation of a concept map

Information about diabetes

Diabetes is a World widely known form of disease that has been caused by excessive consumption of sugary materials or rather meals. It is therefore a group or type of disease that is brought about by the excessive consumption of sugar and specifically the high blood glucose sugar. In conjunction to this consumption, there is the insulin which plays a very great role in the body. [image: G:Downloadimages-3.jpeg] The hormone will provide assistance to the glucose when it is getting into your blood cells and thereby giving it the energy to perform its intended functions in the body. There are two major types of diabetes which is the type 1 and type 2 diabetes (Gordon,

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