Nurse Practitioner Job Description

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Doctors used to work more than one hundred hours a week and sometimes shifts longer than twenty-four hours. This was changed due to the Libby Zion Case, where an eighteen-year-old college student named Libby Zion died due to what her father believed to be overworked interns and doctors. A medical professional is now allowed to work no more than eighty hours a week and must not work a shift longer than twenty-four hours.

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Doctors are able to diagnose a person with ailments and prescribe medications. Doctors also may refer patients with diseases such as cancer or brain injuries to other doctors who have specialties in that area, such as oncologists or neurologists. According to a study conducted by the American Medical Association in February of 2017, of the one thousand two hundred doctors, residents and interns interviewed nine out of ten were satisfied and happy with their career choice. The study also names that some reasons why doctors chose to become doctors as their career. The top reasons named are how they or a loved member of their family were treated or for personal experience as a volunteer. A nurse practitioner is a person who is trained, independent, licensed healthcare clinician and focuses on managing a person’s health conditions, including treating illnesses and injuries. They also support injury prevention. Nurse practitioners can also prescribe medication.

The majority of nurse practitioners have a specialty in which they practice in. Some of these specialties that are common choices are pediatrics, family practices, and women’s health. Sub-specialties may even be chosen and are in areas such as oncology, dermatology, psychiatry, cardiology and behavioral health. To become a nurse practitioner, you must first obtain an undergraduate degree in nursing. You must then gain experience as a registered nurse.

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