Numbers of Victims of the Holocaust

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Ten million people. That is the amount of lives that were taken from families and friends in the 1941 to 1945 event of The Holocaust. One man, ten million lives. That astounding number of people were murdered essentially by one man, that knew how to lead an army. To understand how Adolf Hitler was growing up, how he gained power, and why he established a genocide, takes a lot of explaining. But the simplest way to start and follow it all, is to begin from his birth.

Hitler’s father (Alois) was illegitimate. Alois also was supposed to have five other children, but they all died at young ages. Hitler and his sister, paul was the only ones that survived past childhood out of all Klara Hitler’s and Alois Hitler’s offspring. Hitler later takes up views such as the belief in natural selection, for obvious reasons. Not to mention that Alois and Klara are cousins and had five kids together, meaning Adolf was conceived from incest. Adolf spent a majority of growing up in upper Austria. While growing up it didn’t help that his father was a abusive alcoholic that Adolf hated and feared. On the brightside, he really loved and cared for his mother. Who tragically died in 1907 after much suffering. Hitler was constantly described of as a nuisance throughout school, which in turn got him hit and yelled at by his father to behave better. Funny how that works, huh? With his life spiraling downhill, he never advanced beyond secondary education. After Adolf ended his education, he picked up a really unique interest in art. In his book, Mein Kampf, Hitler explained how ever since he was a little boy he wanted to become a famous artist, he consistently expressed his passion for art. But his little dreams were crushed when he attempted to attend the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, but he failed the entrance exam. Twice. So for many months Adolf lived a very lonely life with no one to turn to and no permanent shelter to stay at. On the contrary, hitler claims Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice. (Hitler X). This statement is contradictory as Hitler did in fact receive welfare and other assists from the government like housing and food when he was living on the streets of vienna. He found himself painting postcards and advertisements and drifting back and forth between many municipal hostels. Hitler of course did not enjoy the life he was currently living in, so instead of that being the end, since he had nothing to live for and nothing to do, so he made a change that just may have granted him meaning to his life back.

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In 1913 Hitler packed his bags and moved to Munich, where he would soon apply for the military,

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