Nuclear weapons should be banned

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Nuclear weapons to this day still pose a direct threat to us and other countries. It’s almost inhumane on how countries have to compete each other to see who can be more intimidating. ,when it’s clear as day that these weapons are causing fear into the hearts of other countries. These weapons require no military strategy at all to use an are borderline useless, to solve the threats of today. Nuclear weapons are really just a huge
intimidation factor that can silence countries and if they have to, eliminate other competitors that are in the way.

There are numerous documented cases that says that countries have almost accidently pressed the wrong button. One wrong press of a button could cause mass destruction. Nuclear weapons is most likely the most destructive weapon ever created by mankind. If all the current nuclear weapon holder, had an mass war with these weapons it would cause mass famine an basically cause an agriculture wipe out. Which that alone could take out an entire country.

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The production and maintenance, of these nuclear weapons takes up all of the money and resources which all of this could be spent on other things that could further our development as humans Globally, annual maintenance on nuclear weapons, as these is estimated to be about US$105 billion dollars – or $12 million an hour Nuclear weapons offer us nothing but a balance of terror, and a balance of terror is still terror George Wald Quotes – Quote Citation.The World Bank has come out and said that in 2002 that an yearly funding of just US$40–60 billion,

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