Nuclear weapons in the world

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Nuclear weapons should be entirely removed from all countries because it doesn’t help anybody in anyway. The only outcome of using nuclear power is death and destruction. The negative effects of nuclear weapons go on and on.

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The death toll of this power would be in the millions and everyone that was involved in the war would be almost completely wiped out. The countries that have these weapons are North Korea, Israel, India, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, China, France, the United States, and Russia. The United States and Russia have a larger supply of nuclear weapons compared to the other countries. The United States has roughly has 6,550 nuclear weapons and Russia has roughly around 6,800. Countries that have nuclear weapons feel protected and do not want to give them up. Getting rid of all nuclear weapons is flawed because there are so many countries that have them. Some countries use the fact that they have nuclear force as power for their country. We have a way to “restrict” nuclear power from countries by putting nuclear sanctions on them.

Nuclear Sanctions are a way of controlling the use of nuclear power for defence of their countries. The countries that have these sanctions include Cuba, North Korea, Iran, and Russia. What it means when a country gets a sanction on them it is a “threatened penalty for disobeying a law or rule.” Not just one country can put a sanction on another the United Nations must come together and discuss the problem and decide whether or not to put a sanction the country. Putting these sanctions on these countries cause many tensions to arise. North Korea has threatened to Enable there nuclear weapons if the U.S. does not remove their sanction on them. The leader of Russia Vladimir Putin has called the U.S. sanction on North Korea useless, and he stated that “ They would rather eat grass than give up their nuclear programme”.

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