Nuclear Energy: A Sufficient Way Of Producing Energy

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Nuclear energy, also known as atomic energy, is the powerful energy released by changes in the nucleus of atoms. A huge amount of energy is concentrated in the nucleus due to the extremely strong force that holds the nucleus together (Nuclear Energy 2017). The releasing of that energy stored in the nucleus creates large amount of heat which people have found many uses for, such as creating electricity, powering machinery, and advancing warfare.

Nuclear Power Plants and Operations Within Them

The cost to build a nuclear power plant is around $9 billion per unit (Nuclear Power Cost). However, one may argue that operating a nuclear power plant will be less expensive than a fossil-fuel plant due to a smaller volume of fuel used  (Nuclear Energy 2017).  To produce nuclear energy, engineers built a device called Nuclear Reactor. Operating as a furnace, the nuclear reactor uses Uranium. The energy that 1 pound of Uranium gives off during fission is more than the burning of 3 million pounds of coal.

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Nuclear: Life vs Death

Along with nuclear power plants comes nuclear, or atomic, bombs. The US ended WWII by dropping nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan  (Nuclear Energy 2017). It wiped out the cities and killing thousands of Japanese men, women, and children. The atomic bomb did end many lives but it saved WWII from continuation and saved many other lives. It also prevented US and Russia going to war. Both sides went into competition and raced to build and stock these atomic bombs but didn’t engage in military action due to the fear of the consequences of the deadly weapon.

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