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All people around the world have been using paint in their household but they have no idea that all this time they have been exposed to toxic substances that can be found in the paint. Paint manufacturer have used heavy metals substances in making paint pigments which gives variety of colour in paint. The paint pigments are made by using many different types of heavy metals substances which are highly concentrated even in one drop of the paint. For example, yellow and red paint pigments are commonly made of cadmium, Cd. Besides, mercury, Hg, is used in making black pigments in black paint while lead, Pb, is the main chemical suctances in making white pigments in paint. Other than that, cobalt, Co, is readily used in making yellow pigments of paint.

In this experiment, a research has been done to investigate the level of these heavy metals present in their respective paint of two different brands of paint, NIPPON and JOHTUN paint. At the end of the experiment, a conclusion has been made which shows that both paints contain high percentage of heavy metal ions (toxicity) where both paint have percentage exceeds 100% of heavy metals ions present in a single drop of paint sample. This shows both paints should be avoided at all costs to prevent further exposure to these chemical substances which may harmful to human’s health. However, NIPPON paint has higher level of toxicity level than JOHTUN paint which makes NIPPON paint is more dangerous than JOHTUN paint.


The usage of paint is widely used in decorating houses, mostly applied on walls and fences. This is because paint would give ‘life’ to houses as it would appear beautifully when the right colour are been applied. However, people often consider that by applying any types of paint would be enough as long as their choice of colour is applied. What they do not know is that there are types of paint that can only be applied to certain object based on what they are made of. Besides, there are also types of paints that would affect human’s health as some of them are made by using chemicals that are toxic.

The toxicity may presence in small quantities in the paint. However, it is may enough to emit fumes that could cause nausea, headaches, dizziness and fatigue if is breathe in for a long time without good circulation of air. Even if breathing in fumes from small cans of paint spray, it may lead to non-reversible brain damage.


Latex paint or best known as water based paint is one type of paint that is made up of 50% to 90% of water. Although the paint are named ‘latex’, however this type of paint most of them does not have natural latex in modern painting.

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