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Nintendo’s Disruptive Strategy

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This assignment requires you to study the "Nintendo's disruptive strategy" case study with constant reference to the weekly lectures and all LRM materials, and then sit for the case quiz. The case quiz will examine the depth of your study using short answer, multiple choice, true/false, and combination questions. To best prepare for the case quiz, start by reading the case study carefully. You may need to search for additional information on the web and/or in the library. After you complete the first read, start applying the concepts discussed in the class, and those highlighted but not necessarily discussed by your lecturer, to the case study subject. For example, in the class we may discuss the concept of disruptive innovation. In your study, consider the nature of Nintendo's innovation, whether it is disruptive or not, and perhaps whether disruptive innovation offers a useful lesson to Nintendo's competitors. The scope of questions in the quiz is limited to the concepts that will be discussed in the class up until the week before the case quiz, with one exception: your lecturer may specifically request that you be familiar with additional concepts that may be discussed in a later week, or that is not included in the LRM at all. In such cases, a handout may be given, and a notice will be placed on UTSOnline. It is also advisable to bring questions in relation to the case study and the case quiz to the class for discussion.
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