Newspaper Synopsis Architect System

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A. Project Title.

    Newspaper & Synopsis Architect System

B. Brief description on project background.

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(.i.e. problem context, rationale, description of problem area, nature of challenge)

    Newspaper plays a major role in shaping public opinion during any incident. Newspaper provides information on politics, economics, art, culture and entertainment and in the current panorama of the media every newspaper organization is representing all significant news with a Graphical Synopsis, as it increase the readership of the newspaper organization and for doing so every time newspaper organization has to contact the graphical designer and they take a huge amount of money for creating the synopsis which bounds the newspaper organization and ultimately it results in the waste of resources for the newspaper organization. Moreover, Newspaper design is well known as a key factor in readership. Every article in the newspaper must be properly expressed and placed to give reader the joy of logical comprehension. The current era bursting with superior newspaper organizations facing each other and also with the potential readers with broad mind and great thoughts giving challenge to those organizations through their hunger to gain knowledge with demanding good presentation of the information.
    The presentation of the newspaper is very artistic job as it can burn up the minds of the crowd. The job in the current scenario is very complicated and essential. The designing procedure of any news paper is very hectic and time consuming job. Right from deciding the content of each page to the printing there is a huge labor and man power involved.
    The persons involved in designing procedure need to be taken care as they have a lot load and decisions to make about many things before publishing the news. The problem context above requires an integrated tool which can help the newspaper organization in generatin Graphical Scenes without including the graphical designers by utilizing resources inside the organization which will save there time and money. The tool will help in many ways and could turn out to be a revelation for the organizations and also for the employees.
    This is the core Information Technology task to transform the complicated work in to a simpler job and for pursuing this task I am proposing the newspaper designing tool – “Newspaper & Synopsis Architect System”. The tool is a complete package to assist newspaper designers in efficiently performing their job.


    Because of the existence of the identified problems, there is a serious need for creating such a tool. Basically”Newspaper & Synopsis Architect System” will be having two major modules.
    First one will be “Synopsis Architect System”which has library that will contain already designed graphics/scenarios based upon the crime which can be edited by the designer person such as a terrorist attack,

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