New Members And Making Money

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Jim Jones made everyone welcome and feel as if they had a purpose. He accepted the ones who were not accepted elsewhere. His job was full time and he used his work in all aspects of his life. He helped people win campaigns and in favor he had a seat on specific housing boards.

New members and making money:
People of all races joined the People’s Temple. Young children, college students, and the elderly came in by the masses. It was a giant wave of new membership and rebirth of the people.
They were told to sell all of their luxuries, their houses, to live in one community, and to give one hundred percent of their paycheck to the temple.

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Doubt and questioning punished:
People were questioned about their actions at every meeting. The congregation would decide their punishment which ranged from verbal abuse to actual fighting.
Doubting or questioning the temple, and leaving without permission was punished. You would be turned in by other family members or friends if you were heard speaking about questions or wanting to leave.

Mind numbing techniques:
Mind numbing techniques involved denunciation of members within group meetings, one girl was forced to stand naked and be described by others. They lived together in a community and could barely talk. All luxuries were avoided, such as sleep, so they were easily persuaded.

Control over everything in their lives:
The members of the People’s Temples were completely controlled by Jim Jones. They were always being watched and since all of their financial ties were out of their hands, they had nothing to run to. When they went to the remote Jonestown in the middle of the jungle on another continent, they had no access to the outside world. The only information they heard was Jim Jones’ orders and sermons playing on speakers 24/7.

Elitist mentality:
Their elitist mentality placed them above others who were unaccepting. They were the ones who were going to be saved and they deserve peace. The People’s Temple had an elitist mentality because they were not accepted by everyone else and Jones needed to prove their worth and capability.

Us-versus-them mentality:
The outside community and relatives of the temple members were against the cult. They believed that they were being held against their will and that there was deception beneath the public eye. Jim Jones gave his people an elitist mentality and when they were in Jonestown, he specifically said they could not leave because the outside world was turning against them. Everyday as Jones went more insane, he told his people of the destruction and pain the United States was bringing to them.

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