Network Security and Cryptography

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In the 21st Century, communications become almost without the embracing of technology. The introduction of internet has made it more effective, efficient and reliable. The rate of growth today is dramatically increasing with the daily invention of new communication tools such as computers, smartphones, smart watches among others .

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To the pros, we have fast access to information, quick response, reliable and credible news, expositions, entertainment, communication, sending and receiving virtual information. The world can be explored via the internet. The adverse effects are very vast. Personal and government data are likely to be exposed. These are the hectic pain that we need to curb. Credible information that can course the destruction of progression can be displayed to unauthorized personal due to week firewalls. These can be accomplished by breaking through the IDS.

Individuals, corporations, and governments all share in the increasing risks associated with this expanding problem. Individuals are at risk, as criminals are actively engaged in the collection of valuable personal information, such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, bank account information, usernames, passwords, and any other confidential information that is deemed of value to the multitude in question. Corporations are in jeopardy as well, as the typical organization has a database of valuable private information. These might include customer information, trade secrets, and research and development data. Also, companies may be targeted for interventions such as a denial-of-service (DoS), which, when active, may have an immediate contrary, financial impact on the society and individuals that do the exchange with said company. States run the risk of having their protection breached.

Intrusion defense system (IDS) expansion has been mostly reactionary. These are primarily troubling given that botnets are capable of compromising and controlling thousands of computers before security experts develop a mitigation technique. As new exploits created, new mitigation techniques are invented to identify viri and, where permissible, remove them. This thesis rifts from this fable of reacting to malware. Preferably, it looks at possible malicious software models by analyzing existing defense controls for exploitable weaknesses. The focus is first; conjecture how IDS works. Understand the configurations, access the protocol, and reconfigure the system to a stable data line. These should be done to restrict various aspects of security measures while using your machine to avoid tracebacks, cyber-attacks, network traffics and other malicious inventions through the firmware.

The study focuses on the understanding of new botnet that is prone to current network intrusion detection mechanism. The idea is to localize botnet communication to create a virtualized testbed environment that enables a portion of the compromised systems to hide from existing detection techniques without a significant increase in network monitoring points.

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