Neighborhood Revitalization and Urban Renewal in Memphis TN

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Have you ever thought or went into depth about the new things that have be being brought into your neighborhood/ city? Well, I have been gathering research about Neighborhood Revitalization and Urban Renewal in Memphis, TN. While doing the research, I have contributed a lot of thing like the example about “Explore Bikes,” and how it has helped the community in a better way for people who don’t have cars or people with cars and just don’t have the money for gas. However, I want to give thanks to my partner Aiyana Keys, for giving her input on the renewals that have been brought into our city like; Crosstown Concourse, the River front attractions that are being brought, the movie theaters, and the new Aquarium that is being built.

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I have also contributed my time, hard work, creativity, and my dedication into getting my work done and research in for me and my partner.

What did me and my partner consider in our project and why? For one reason I can say, we incorporated the good things that has been being built because it came from nothing and it is bring joy, money, and people together as one. We also choose the things we did because even with the things that are happening and be renewed in our city there are still things that are not being done and notice around the city. We also wanted to touch on the fact on have the renewals are getting the youth involved; especially, Crosstown with “Crosstown High” which prepares students for college,

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