Negative Effects of Screen Time

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The general idea behind the effects of screen-time come from how technology has taken over most mediums of learning, and the idea of placing the boundary between how much of it is okay and how much is not. Screen-time can be anything from phones, tablets, computers, video games, televisions, etc. As these types of technology advance, so does learning and both often overlap in certain aspects, however, it can be highly detrimental for the development of children.

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This is important because a child between birth and 3 years is going through highly critical brain development and screen-time during this stage can create difficulties in further development. Whether or not technology exists during these critical years is not the issue, but in fact the ways in which quality of content and quantity is executed. However, as children grow older, the less it is crucial to heavily monitor their screen-time. This is why any form of screen-time within birth to age 3 should be eliminated or carefully administered.

The controversial topic on how and why technology has been an issue for the developmental years of infants, toddlers, and early preschool aged children has been existent throughout many years that technology has innovated. Modern culture technology is usually viewed negatively in early childhood development and everyday educators are trying to find ways in which parents and schools can use it effectively within the classroom and home environments. The dilemma is not that technology is bad or should be relinquished completely from children’s lives, but moreover that it should be taken into consideration what it can cause as a long-term effect. The use of technology can either have a positive effect or a negative effect depending on the quality of the content. Given that quality of content is important, the quantity is just as relevant as well.

Therefore, the relationship between these two play a huge role in the outcomes of early childhood. With this taken into consideration, another important point to reflect on is what are they watching and what are they learning?

From smartphones to tablets, e-books and more, the rapid increase of market in technology has taken over the lives of many who posses them. It has been both a positive and negative journey of innovation but the debate still stands on how is this influencing the lives of children? When becoming a parent, there also comes that underlying responsibility of making black or white decisions on many different things. For instance, choosing breast milk or formula, spanking or no spanking, immunizations: to do them or not? Nonetheless, another important issue to discuss in the twenty-first century era is frankly whether or not to use screen-time as a form of pastime in the daily life of a young child.

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