Nature of leadership

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Nature of Leadership:

Laurie J. Mullins states that ‘Leadership is a relationship through which one person influences the behavior or actions of other people’ (Mullins 2010: 373).

He says that Leadership is all about determination, personality and innate ability at the right time for a particular competitive situation. Many effective business leaders have no formal academic qualifications and each has their own individual leadership style. Leaders can motivate their followers and can design organizational contexts and make them function effectively.

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Criterion of leadership:

Though there are lot many criterion for leadership, we in our group selected a few of them.


A good leader should work hard at communicating their vision for the organization to all staff at all levels. He has to understand that their vision must appeal to the staff at both an emotional and practical level. Basically a leader has to understand the culture and values of his organization and its impact on its future development. He has to recognize blind alleys.


A leader has to understand that every member has a different set of motivational stimuli, motivate them accordingly. He has to explain his decisions in terms of their benefit to the organization and its members. Most importantly a leader has to find out the flaws if any or celebrate and reward individual and team achievements.


An empowered leader should believe that people generally respond well when given greater responsibility for their own performance without disturbing the organization’s model. For that he has to allocate sufficient resources to training and development and get a buzz when staff set and achieve their own goals. He should realize that the organization would still function if you were not there.


One of the most important criteria for a leader is communication skill. He has to use his communication influence to encourage two way communications at all levels in your organization. He has to encourage personal contact rather than written, mechanical or technological alternatives. Finally has to encourage a diversity of opinion and constructive criticism and walk the talk.


A successful leader should work hard at countering a ‘them and us’ culture within your organization and maintain relationships inside and outside his team. He has to set clear codes of acceptable conduct and take action against breaches of them and stress that everyone contributes to the success of the team(s) they belong to. One of the most important qualities of a leader is that he should be able to admit a mistake when you make it.


Mullins describes emotional intelligence as abilities such as being able to motivate oneself and persist in the face of frustrations;

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