Nature of Consumer Behaviour

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Paper Consumer Behaviour


Razor Gaming is as stated a company who specialises in gaming. Having their own gaming gear and generally target gamers. They targeted audience is mostly the PC environment, so gaming laptops, tablets and desktops. The products that they sell are mice, keyboards, mouse mats and game pads. The Razor products are all named after predatory or venomous animals. Razor was founded in 2005 in San Diego, California US. Its founders were Min-Liang Tan(now the CEO and creative director) and Robert Krakoff(Now President), after securing a huge investment from Hong Kong. It has its headquarters in both Singapore and San Francisco, California. In this paper I will be talking about how they use marketing in a consumers behaviour point of view.

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Razer Gaming their slogan is for gamers by gamers. They sell professional gamers gear for gaming only. They tend to manufacture product that is intended for professional gamers. Razer are trying to be the Apple of the gaming industry by premium priced products. Razer uses their core expertise to leave a mark on that industry. Their products are utilitarian and value expressed. The gaming are intended for gaming and using their products. It can also be classified as hedonic, because casual gamers buy these products for their hobby. As games are classified as hedonic. Although in the professional scene such as in eSports and Twitch streamers these products become utilitarian. Their consumers have their reasons why they buy their product.

As we go through the consumer value frame work. The internal influences are off course personality, which the attitude towards the product is important. Knowledge is in an important factor in the attitude formation. Gamers need to know about the product. In the ABC-model. The two important factors are especially affective and cogitative. Razer is a cool product and its gives them an advantage to users who use don’t have decent gaming gear. Casual gamers have an experimental hierarchy because its intended for hedonic use.

For professional users it’s the standard learning hierarchy. Professional gamers get for example sponsored by razer and get a mouse for free. They start using it and see that the quality is actually great and will keep buying razer products. That is also why razer started growing. For The external factors; video gaming is a culture on its own more than 155 americans play video games, 4 out of 5 households have atleast one gaming device. 42 percent play each week more than 3 hours. In the early days of gaming mostly teens were playing video game.

Nowadays the average player is around 35 years. The first generation who grew u with gaming is maturing and its not only teenagers who play games. Also the social aspect plays an important factor. The gamers are a aspirational group. They associate themselves as gamers and use razer product to identify themselves as gamers. This can be a reaction to peer pressuring(streamers who are mostly the same age as them).

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