Nature And Importance Of Decision Making In Investment Finance Essay

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Very important if decision-making process rely on scientific methodology of thinking and analysis to invest specific resources for certain period of time with considering of risks and uncertainty, and also important form the point of view that to set approaches to achieve these objectives, where the success in these tasks are limited by how much decision-makers are follow scientific method to collect information needed to take a decision, important also because it gives opportunity to evaluate expected revenue from all proposed investment options, and to select the appropriate investment that comply with objectives of organization and to enable decision-makers the opportunity to chose from well studied selections of investments..

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It’s important also because it consider for the concept of investment choices and chances, qualification and experience, convenient (that to chose the right and suitable investment), and to aware for diversify the investment risks, all these determinants makes the right decision in investment is a master key of success, because it is very easy to decide of investment but if is it the right one?

Principles of investment decision:

The most convenient strategy of investment that one consider basically on priority of investors according to their view about business which usually affected by many factors as profitability which determine by rate of return, and liquidity and certainty that rely on how much business resist against risks. But decision-making process should also consider for investment determinants:

Interest rate: with its indirect relation with investment according to economic concepts on investment (opportunity cost)

Capital marginal efficiency: represent the marginal productivity of invested capital and also defined by return on invested capital.

Scientific and technological development: what huge development in technology is offers new investment opportunity and assist the existed one with pivotal facilities on communication and software,

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