National Action Plan NAP: The Implementation Mechanism of Implantation Achievement and Failures

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Pakistan has been targeted of an intense layer of terrorism and bomb attacks for last 10 to 18 years. But it abruptly increases after 9/11. Bomb attacks on government and public institutions, military personals and line enforcement agencies and offices of various organizations and suicide bomb attacks had become order of the day.

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Which compel the government to carry out military operation in various parts of the country operation Al-Mizan, operation Rah-e-Haq, operation Zalzala, operation black thunderstorm, operation Raah-e-Raast operation sher dil, operation Rah-e-Nijat, operation Koh-e-Safaid and operation Zarb-e-Azab, operation Khyber I and II (Karachi operation I and Karachi operation II) costing over $123 of billion. The terrorism layer not only suffered Pakistan economically but it also created a sense of disability, chaos, and fear and sense of Horror in the country among mob/ general masses, apart from law and order situation in the country.

Pakistan is a country badly affected by acts of terrorism, threatening Pakistan’s law and order situation, human rights, damaging basic infrastructure and economic opportunities. And once Pakistan was about to be declined the most unsafe state in the world. Pakistan is facing the menace of terrorism, which is eroding the social structure, economic developments and political system. The immediate costs of terrorist acts are loss of human lives, destruction of property and infrastructure and depression of short-term economic activity apart from immense economic loss and economic pressure or burden on the country.

This include war on terror launched by security forces in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and federally administrated tribal area (FATA) having borders shaved with Afghanistan and resultant displacement of some three million people from their homes.

As a part of this layer of terrorism, the terrorist attacked army public school on army run school at Peshawar killing over 140 innocent student, which were claimed by the terrorist outfit Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (Taliban movement of Pakistan TTP) was ostensibly a game changer the heart rending and soul piercing Peshawar tragedy took place that much hyped political consensus against terrorism.

There are some events in the history of nations when all segments of society, irrespective of their differences came together and unite for a common purpose.

Same event was repeatedly happened in Pakistan when on 16th December the tragic massacre in Army Public School Peshawar brought the entire nation on one page. All the political parties, both from government and opposition benches, military leadership civil society and people at large from all walks of life expressed their design of wiping out terrorism from country once and for all.

This unprecedented unity and national consensus is significant, because all stakeholders of the safe for the first time collectively declared terrorism in all etc. forms and manifestations including that organized on the basis of religion and sect as the principal national security threat to Pakistan.

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