Myths And Truths About Gang Life

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There are many myths and truths about gang life. Many young adults have some ideas about gangs that are just not true. When these kids are joining gangs based on certain beliefs that are just not true.
They believe they will make lots of money, have nice things and become powerful.

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The truth is, you will either get arrested or killed. All of things you thought we nice and expensive will be seized by law enforcement. Most gang member rent the cars and houses they drive and live in. And even then, they put the vehicles and apartments in the names of their girlfriends.

They think they will have lots of friends and their friends won’t care if you are a gangbanger. No one will want to be friends with you if they constantly have to look over their shoulder in fear of being shot.
Being in a gang is exciting. It is actually the complete opposite. You will have to constantly look over your shoulder just to make sure you are safe. Your boss is going to make you do things you will not want to, and you will have to take the blame. No one will care if you got to jil because there will be other gang members who will take your place.

You think you can walk away from the gang whenever you want. This is so far from the truth. Once you are in it is virtually impossible to get out. You must pay to get out, whether it be money or a job that you will have to complete. If you are lucky enough to get out you should cover up your tattoos and try to stay out of trouble. The less attention you draw to yourself the better.
They think that if they end up in prison they will be protected. Gang members are more at risk in prison than on the streets.

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