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The teacher I choose to conduct my analysis on is a professor that left an empowering impression on me. He made me question how a teacher could and should conduct a class. It was so encourage to bare witness to how he conducted his class that I found myself wanting to replicate his style if I ever found myself leading a class.

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This professor was of course, Andy Wood. I had the distinct honor of taking one of Andy’s class here at San Jose state. He takes each day with glee and enthusiasm that resonated throughout the class that everyone hangs on to his every word. He’s very entertaining to say the least. Andy’s teaching style and the personality he brings to class, is my ideal teaching style I would like to emulate in my classroom as an instructor. And when I found out that we needed to shadow a teacher lead interaction for this assignment, I knew exactly who I wanted to observe. Dr. Andy Wood is a professor in the SJSU Communication Studies department where he teach courses in rhetoric, visual arts, and media studies. His research focuses on omnitopia, which is an environment build for students, scholars, and anyone who recognizes the odd and frightening pleasures of urbanity (directly quoted from his website). In my analysis, I will incorporate concepts I found very relatable to Andy’s style of teaching from the 3 days I have observed him conduct his Humanities Honors class.

In order to understand who Andy is as a professor, I will also be incorporating and interview I had the honor of having with Andy. Q) How long have you been teaching? Since 1998 at San Jose State. Thought for 3 years prior while working on his masters and doctoral program. 23-24 years Q) What made you want to be a teacher? He came out of the navy and knew he needed to get a college education. The teacher he has in his public speaking class was inspiring, engaging, and overwhelming that he couldn’t stop listening to her. And it was at that point he decided to become a teacher as well. Q) Is there a particular lesson that you’re planning on having and do you follow-up with? Not on this class. On my other classes, i typically have one. I have sovereign in my domain and I can decide what’s important in class. But general I try to stay on the path i’ve followed throughout the years. But Humanity Honors class, we are a faculty of 4 professors that take turn giving out lectures and it doesn’t work that way. And if I don’t know what that lecture was, it’s a lot of impromptu. Now if you know Andy like I do, you’ll know that he loves to talk! This brings me to my first concept.

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