My Plans After Graduation

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After graduating from one of the top 10 high schools in China, I was successfully enrolled into the Darla Moore business School of USC. The school was ranked number one in the international business program in the U.S. Although I spent more time on study due to the language and culture barriers, I came to understand the similarities and differences between China and America. After years of studying hard, I graduated with a double major in Finance and Economics with 3.8 GPA. However, I do not think a good student can define myself thoroughly. Besides studying, I participated in many communities, which include photography group, Global Chinese Connection and a professional business fraternity called alpha kappa phi. And the experience of joining this fraternity brought me out.

AKPsi is the one of the only two business professional fraternity in our school. It has very high standards for recruiting new members. I spent a whole semester rushing and pledging while I was taking 21 credits of classes. I had to give speeches in front of hundreds of brothers and be asked random questions. I also answered quizzes every week, helped local disabled people to paint their houses, joined many teamwork activities, and managed sales at fundraising events. I also participated in cooking events, and most of all, I had to interview 95% of all the brothers. Each interview had to be longer than 40 minutes. Therefore, it took me ten extra working hours besides everything else and hence I had to manage time precisely. Finally, I successfully joined the fraternity from hundreds of candidates and became the only current Chinese member. From this experience, I realized that I was able and willing to do things that others won't and can't.

After graduation, I went back to China and helped my dad's driver training business. I realized that at that time, the truck driver license, which had been banned for years, had just been reopened to the public. The government had banned this particular permit because many trucks drivers received inadequate training and hence made a lot of traffic accidents. However, the demand for trucks driver had increased dramatically year by year. Despite this, no driver training company could provide a high standard truck driver-training program that met the government requirements. So, I decided to persuade my father and other main stakeholders of the company to invested 60 million Yuan to build the 600 student facility for truck driver training only, 600 customized trucks for training purpose, a dorm that could content 600 hundred students, and a cafeteria. After that, I realized that the most significant group of customer would come from all around the country during the spring festival travel rush, which is the most massive migration in all the animal kingdom. In 2014, over 2 billion people had joined the movement. I targeted my customers at the train station and long distance shuttle station during that time, and actively advertised at those locations. By the beginning of 2015, I had recruited more than 3000 students. At 2015 fiscal year, our company reached 60% revenue growth. This event made me realized that I had a right business senses and data analysis can help company a lot in many places.

After graduating from MSBA program, I want to find a job in this area. Once I acquire the necessary skills in this area, I want to open my firm that deals with data analysis.

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