My Love Is Like To Ice

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The poem makes me sympathize with the persona as I read it through. The statement,Ice which is congealed with the senseless cold should kindle fire by wonderful device makes a revelation how much the persona struggles but he is still never understood. This part makes me feel the sadness that the author has due to moments of being let down despite his manifestation of love to her. When I relate all the struggles that the persona has, the sonnet makes me sad and full of sympathy.

The poem was written during the Renaissance period; the age of the likes of Christopher Marlowe, William Shakespeare and Sir Philip Sidney among others. This period was characterized by significant minds who produced the best literary work in history. Their pieces of work especially the poem were masterpieces. The work of these writers in this era has however undergone severe alterations and changes thus the efforts to acquire the original information at that time has proved to excessively challenging. Various kinds of poems ranging from epic to ballad gained fame among writers and audience in the form of manuscripts, recitations and prints between 1509; the period when Henry viii reigned to 1660 when the commonwealth came to an end. The poets of this era observed the era of early modern history, how turbulent it was and measured it regarding glorious allegorical past. The poets then started focusing on human desires as well as the elementary matters of distinctiveness and prejudice.

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The literary work devised at this period was characterized by various qualities such as detachment, play, mockery, disdain, entreaty and intense self-scrutiny among others. These qualities matured with time in the work of different writers. However, Renaissance poetry is divided into 2; the Tudor period of 1485-1603 and the Stuart period of 1603-1649. The boundary of Stuart and Tudor period poetry is critical in explaining the challenging epic and sonnet by innumerable poetic apprehensions such as devout poetry and satire. This helps in expounding on and accounting for the growing assertion onstrong lines existing in various minds and work of poets based on the writing styles employed. The dissections can, however, barricade the observation of similarities that exist between different writers who are said to share various correspondences as portrayed in the areas they explore in their work as well as the styles of writing employed. The poetic work of renaissance period is extraordinary when we talk about its quality, emotional complexity, rhetorical genius, variety and depth.

Spenser; the prince of the poet in his time travelled far and wide.

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