My Hero’s Journey

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It all started on November 6, 2010. It was my seventh birthday party. I was having an animal themed party.

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My friends and I had just done presents and were about to go have dessert. For dessert, my mom made two different cakes. One was a chocolate black cat, and the other was a yellow cocker spaniel cake. Right before we went in the kitchen for the cake though, my dad exclaimed that he had to go outside and quickly grab one last gift. Suddenly, my dad opened the front door and walked in carrying the sweetest little cocker spaniel. I was overwhelmed with feelings of thrill, excitement, and amazement! It was a complete surprise to receive a dog for my birthday! The cocker spaniel was pre-owned, and was seven years old too! We decided that his birthday would be celebrated on mine from now on. He was named Chip from his previous owners, and I was as in love with him! Anatole France said, “Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” (“A quote by Anatole France” Goodreads. ) To me, this is complete truth!

Whenever we took him to the doctors for check-ups, the doctors would be stunned by his health! Almost everytime we picked him up, the doctors would declare, “he is the healthiest cocker spaniel we have ever seen of his age!” Not only was my dog known for his exceptionally good health, he was also the most fantastically behaved dog I had ever met! He only ever barked in the first few years we owned him when someone would ring the doorbell, but after a few years that weared off. He never bit anyone! He would constantly be pinched, hugged, and teased by my younger sister in the first few years we had him, but he never showed any form of rudeness towards her! He just let her do what she wanted and had such outstanding patience and love for her.

He was playfull when he wanted to be, but no one would ever consider him a rowdy dog! Through the years, he kept up this angelic act and never lost it! In conclusion, he was almost as close to perfect as could be!

Flash forward about 7 years. Chip and I are now 14 years old. Chip is still extremely healthy, but is very old now. He is losing hearing and has very little energy. It was Christmas break, and my family left to DisneyLand for a family vacation. While we were gone, we left Chip at a pet hotel. DisneyLand was a dream as expected, and we took very little thought on Chip while we were gone, trusting that he was in good care. He must have felt like Odysseus’ men when they were held captive by Circe in her dungeon,

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