My Dream Job: Nursing

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One of the most important decisions someone can make in their lifetime is what they are going to be when they grow up. From sun up to sun down, week after week, a job will consume a majority of the time a person spends in their lifetime. In some cases this might sound unpleasant, but in some it might sound exciting, especially in situations where that person is living their dream.

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A dream job is one that fulfills all expectations and that allows someone to do what they love until they are done. A dream job can be big or little and can affect others or not. A dream job is one that pushes limits and makes someone happy day after day.

Dream Job

A big part of my life has been spent deciding on the career path I will take. Whether this path be medicine or not, it is an important decision that requires a lot of thinking and realization. The big question for me was never “healthcare field or not?” it was “what career in the healthcare field?”. At first, I chose Physical Therapy, and then I wanted to be a Pediatrician or a Family Doctor. As I got older I put into perspective the expectations and hours of schooling being a doctor required. I learned more about nursing while looking into careers, and it stuck with me. Being a registered nurse is something I am passionate about now and will continue to be passionate about for the rest of my life, and is also a career that I will be able to excel at with both my knowledge and social skills. The environment of a hospital excites me and will allow me to connect with doctors, other nurses and coworkers, as well as patients in need of help. I hope to work in a hospital one day that gives me these opportunities.

Registered Nurse

Training and Educational Requirements

The purpose of education and training for employment positions is to ready you for the years of work you are about to endure. Nursing school along with any medical school can be tough and have requirements that prepare you to properly care for a patient with confidence and skill. To become a Registered Nurse, a student must receive an associate’s or bachelor’s degree from a state approved nursing school. These schools can be community colleges or private universities all with different course requirements and different costs. Ranging from $40,000 to $100,000 or $3,000 to $14,000 at local community colleges, nursing school can put a huge dent in your wallet (America, I). Although expensive, nursing schools have financial aid options for students who qualify for certain scholarships. As well as graduating from nursing school you must also be licensed,

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