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Since graduation is approaching very quickly, I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do after I graduate. I’m a very indecisive person and it is really hard for me to make decisions. This is the one thing that I need to really think about and carefully look at the pros and cons to help better myself and my family. I’ve been going back and forth awhile now between three areas: Official court reporter, freelance court reporter, and closed captioning. These three areas that I find very interesting have many pros and cons to them. I have been researching awhile now about which one would suit me the best and would be beneficial to my family. I am very interested in all three of them.

The first thing I have been looking at is an official court reporter. This is where you are employed by the judicial system and have a regular 8-5 job and are usually in the same courtroom and have the same judge. When I first started school this is what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to hear anything else; I just wanted to be in a courtroom. As I got further in school, I started hearing more and more about freelancing and closed captioning. This is where my indecisiveness came into effect. There are so many benefits to each of them, but there is also some downfalls.

I started researching becoming an official court reporter. I will, of course, be in a courtroom setting, which is where I definitely want to be. Some of the pros of being and official court reporter is that you usually have the same hours every day and you get the healthcare benefits. The downside, for me, would be being in the same place almost every day, and you have the same judge that you have to follow around. I live in a small town in Kansas and we don’t get much jury trial cases here, so I wouldn’t be getting as many cases around here. Since we are a small town that has only one judge, we have to go around to the surrounding counties and do cases there. This is something I wouldn’t mind because it would be a change of scenery.

The next thing I started researching about was freelance court reporter. This is something that quickly got my attention when I first heard about it. When you freelance, you still work for an agency, but you’re allowed to be flexible and take the cases you want. I am all about being flexible. I know that when having a kid that is something that is a must.

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