My Aunt

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Keandra Young February 6, 2010 English 900 A Positive Influence Significant – adjective; important. If there was one person who has made a significant impact in my life, there would be no doubt my aunt LaTania. She is hardworking, always there for me, and has shined throughout all of her struggles. Many people in the world do not have a positive influences and most of them are the ones in trouble. Everyone should have someone like my aunt. As the manager of Source Corp Imaging, she has many responsibilities to uphold. Training all employees, doing payroll, filling out paperwork for different clients that have to go out, holding meetings and speaking publicly, answering difficult questions, and staying late without overtime pay, I would have to say this is true dedication to her job. This woman works very hard for her company and when I was a summer employee I got a first hand look at what she really did. Every employee has respect for her because she is diligent about her work, and how she interacts with people. This is the one person, I swear who doesn’t complain about all the work she has to do and when I get established in my career I hope I have all her qualities. My aunt LaTania has always been here for me since the day I was born, she treats me as if I was her daughter. When she did have her child, everywhere they went, I was right along with them. We went to amusement parks, go – carting, the pool, arcades, the mall, the monster trucks, anywhere that was fun, we went. People always compare her daughter and me, they say that we were switched I act like my aunt and her daughter is just like my mom. We all also look alike so when you see all of us you can tell we are related..

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