My Attitude To Nuclear Power Isses

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 As a voting citizen of Solutionville i opposed to our town building a nuclear power plant due to the fact that this project will take a long period of time to actually build. Also in order to build a plant like this you need money and i highly disagree that our town spends billions of dollar invested into something that can cause great damage to our community and well-being. Nuclear power plants can be a serious danger to our town in the wrong hands.

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My final reason on why nuclear power plants are not a great idea for our town is that it is not a renewable source.

  Before i get into the facts about nuclear power plants i want to address what exactly is nuclear power. Nuclear energy is basically the splitting of an atom and since the atom is being split it gives off energy. Fission is the splitting of an unstable isotope when a neutron interacts with it causing it to break apart. On the other hand, fusion is the bonding of 2 light isotopes coming together to create a new heavier nuclei and since their bonding they will give off a great amount of energy. There are 430 nuclear plants in the whole world. Also there has been 2 major accidents due to nuclear power plants, these accidents happened during 1979,1986, and 2011. Also the United States has produced the most amount of nuclear energy than any other country.

Nuclear energy has its advantages but it also has its disadvantages as well. These plants do not produce carbon dioxide on its own which of course helps our environment.

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