Multicultural Marketing

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This research proposal aims at investigating, examining, and evaluating strategies of multicultural sales employees in the Auckland residential housing market. Also, there is an identification of differences in the multicultural sales employees, to assist the organization to identify specific issues that would improve overall market efficiency. The introduction explains the multicultural sale employees.

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The literature review gives main points of the strategic multicultural sales employees. Methods, results, and discussions, supplement the literature review information to complete the research proposal. This research helps all concerned parties in an organization, to understand the position of multicultural sales employees in the Auckland residential housing market.


Multicultural marketing involves marketing to one or more target group of a specific ethnicity. Multicultural marketing is improved by the different cultures in the ethnic groups. Some advantages that accrue due to communication and persuading the audience are traditions, celebrations, language, and religion. Consumers from different cultural background have mixed motives, perceptions, and beliefs that Multicultural marketing allows. International marketing would work with the national marketing to understand the Multicultural marketing of the region. There are some ways of having Multicultural sales employees in an organization (Arnett, 2014). First, as the top authority of a company, one should work with the human resource staffers. This helps to diversify the organization’s workforce. Second, a high administration should get buy-in from the sales force members. In this way, hiring a professional to perform counseling on diversity, suits. Other methods are exploring the community’s concentration of minorities, work a fully cognizant recruiter, having a mentioning system in place, get to know the relationship among sales staffers, and maintain a level of the playing field.

In the research, there would be examining, investigating, and evaluating strategies of Multicultural sales employees in the Auckland residential housing marketing. Bar foot & Thompsons is the company that is to be referred to as the point of reference. The main aim is to identify the sales employees’ difference and help the organization note major issues that will improve the market efficiency. Barfoot & Thompsons are found IN New Zealand, and it is the largest privately owned Real Estate Company. The company practices Multicultural marketing that helps it and in other ways affects it negatively (Arnett, 2014). Dwelling on the negatives to improve the status of the organization is the main aim of the proposal. There are communication challenges that are as a result of Multicultural marketing in Barfoot & Thompsons Company in Auckland. Such problems to be addressed are direct versus indirect communication, accents and fluency trouble, hierarchy and authorities having different values, and different norms for decision making. There are two variables in the Multicultural marketing. Employees’ perception and business performance are the variables that would change the situation at the Multicultural marketing.

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