Mrs. Robinson’s circumstance in Maycomb from To Kill a Mockingbird

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There comes a time when desperate situations call for desperate measures. A good example is when an older woman tries to seduce a younger boy to get some sexual or physical pleasures from them since from the look of things; she is unlikeable by men within her age bracket this is basically because they are antisocial and do not conform to the ways of the society. This type of women is known as Mrs.

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Robinson. The title came about in literature and art as it was adopted from the movie,the graduate whereby the character, Mrs. Robinson, earlier known as Mrs. Roosevelt did all she could to help others but she was never concerned about herself. It reaches a point where she commits a crime against morality by trying to seduce a younger man than she. She is seen to be an outcast by the society. She starts by making moves that would attract some attention and in this case it was trying to help others.

In the book,to kill a mockingbird the Mrs. Robinson must have been Mayella Violet Ewell. She is a daughter of a civil servant in Maycomb y the name Bob Ewell. Unfortunately, in a society where most people are peasants, civil servants assume high status and they feel that they own the earth and start spending the little money they get very badly. They turn to being cons and drunkards. Bob, due to his pride in the status in the society, becomes a drunkard. He uses all the money that he earns from the government on alcohol and is left to hunt to fend for his family of 8 children. This subjects the family to abject poverty and is alienated from the community. He also rings up his daughter, Mayella as an introvert who does not know how to socialize and does not have friends neither does she conform to the rules of the society since she is presented as not being part of it.

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