Main Motives In Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass

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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass is an autobiographical book written by Frederick Douglass and published in 1845. A former slave, the author recollects his passed life as a slave in the South and reveals the numerous the atrocities of the institution of slavery. The book is a recollection of the years spent as a constantly oppressed and humiliated slave.

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In such a way, his own experiences that Frederick Douglass narrates in the book tell us a lot about slave life in the nineteenth century. As Douglass notes, three or four hundred slaves in the plantation where he worked lived hard life full of constant hardships: they had their small allowance of food, and received around seven dollars in order to cover their bodies with clothes. There were even no beds for slaves to sleep on and they often slept all together on the floor in cold nights.

When he was relocated to the city, Douglass was treated not very bad, which suggests better conditions of city slaves when compared to those in plantations. Most importantly, here he learned to read and write here, which was extremely important to Douglass. The young man perceived that literacy was his path towards freedom. It provided him with the hope not to die as a slave but spend several years being a free man. Interestingly, the autobiography can also be interpreted in lieu of the writerr’s re-evaluation of the Christian beliefs on the subject of slavery. Sometimes, Douglass writing style reminds of the Biblical manner of narrative. Nevertheless, Christianity as presented by the author appears to be of dual nature when he reveals the hypocrisy of slave owners who call themselves Christians. The narrator refers to slaves as precious souls are to-day shut up in the prison-house of slavery (Douglass & Garrison, 1845, p.70).

He simply cannot understand how this universe can be ruled by a righteous God when so many suffering and injustice are around: and for what does he hold the thunders in his right hand,

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