Motivation as An Early Drop Out

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The purpose of the Motivation as a Predictor of Early Dropout From Drug Abuse Treatment study is to test if motivation plays a key factor in drug addicts by using three different types of motivation scales without dropping out early. The hypothesis of the study was social stability, previous treatment experience, expectations for reducing future drug use, higher methadone dose level, and higher motivation were the predictions of treatment over the 60 day period (Joe & Simpson (1993)). The participants are tested by using different types of scales, and observing how motivated they are to get treated. The study was conducted by the three different types of scales called a DP scale, DH scale, and a TR scale.

The DP scale is drug use problems, the DH scale is their desire for help, and the TR scale is their readiness of treatment. Each of the scales have 7 to 9 different types of problems, general interest, or commitment level questions. Their scores were calculated from each of their motivation scale scores. Simpson and Joe found their studies from testing different ethnicities, and different ages from Corpus Christi and Dallas. The average age of the clients was 36 years and 68% were males (Joe & Simpson (1993)). They would also be studied by interviewing each of them, and asking them a series of important questions.

Their expectations was for the participants to leave the drugs forever, being encouraged by others, and to see if they accept the chances they have to quit. The results of the study depicted that the DP scale had the highest scores. Also, 24% of the participants dropped out of treatment within 60 days (Joe & Simpson (1993)). They believe that motivation plays an important role in the treatment of addictive behaviors (Joe & Simpson (1993)). Overall the researchers also believed that the study of the motivation scales were reliable because they tested and compared the results with different people from different cities.


I think the method did appropriately test the research question because the researchers accurately tested and used the motivation scales on different people.

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