Mother Teresa: Champion Of Human Rights

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Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu (Mother Teresa), was a very divine women, she dedicated her life to help others. She set goals for herself and accomplished so much in her life, that even after she had passed she was recognized as a saint by Pope Paul VI in 2016. Mother Teresa was born August 26 1910, Uskup (now Skopje). Won The nobel peace prize in 1979. Then peacefully on september 5 1997, Calcutta India she passed away.

Mother Teresa devoted her life to god. She later became a missionary to spread her teachings that she was taught. She moved to and Irish community with nuns with missions in India. She continued to share her teachings at St. Maryr’s High School in Calcutta, there were many uncomferts in the suffering and poverty she noticed outside the convent walls. So moved with the thought of the needy and the sight of the poor, she began working among them in the slums of Calcutta. She was then granted by the Convent, but with no funds to leave and share her beliefs. Mother teresa worked everyday with voluntary helpers and with financial support it was possible to expand her scope of her work. Finally in 1950 on October 7, She received permission from The Holy See to start The Missionaries of Charity.

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The Society of Missionaries was spread all over the world , including the Soviet Union. Mother Teresa provided effective help to the most struggling in more than one country starting in Asia, Africa, and Latin America moving to North America, Europe and australia. The Missionaries of Charity all throughout the world were so moved by her devotion,

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