Most Memorable Family Vacation

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This is a vacation to Florida where I show you and explain what went on. James my husband, viad my 18-year-old son who I love two handsome stepsons Avery and Ardan are who accompanied me on this trip. We went to places such as Disney, the magic kingdom in Orlando and also the Neville public museum. Where we took most of our time learning about the history of the country of visit among other activities which will be part of this essay.

The vacation all started off when we arrived as family in Greenbay where I, having being the only one with excitement, with viad being on his phone and my two pretty ones on the phone I was the only one who enjoyed the view and the fresh air of Greenbay.we started off with a trip to the Neville museum where we took a lot of photos courtesy of viad and also was a chance for James to relate to is work in the archeological field and was what I think made most of my trip. We were so tired as seeing from my little ones Avery and Aiden, continuous and helpless yawns and viand tendency to listen to music, so we took time to take packed foods at a local joint in the museum and booked into a hotel for the night. Avery and Aiden where stalk into a maze of fight thus we had to book them different rooms and viad who was cool and locked on his touch phone I bought for him last summer didn’t even bother on anything at all and that’s how we spent the first day of pour vacation.

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