Most Appropriate Procurement Method For University Of Salford

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1.0 Introduction

The University of Salford is a leading UK university close to the city centre. They aim to become the very best UK universities and recognized internationally by 2017. A strategic plan has been developed. To response to achieve the strategic plan, the School of the build environment is to deliver its core course provision within a prestigious bespoke facility and expand its role to include architecture. A new state of the art development is proposed on the existing campus which will replace an older building which has become available.

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I have been appointed as a main consultant to the client and required to advise the client on the most appropriate procurement method.

The proposed site will require demolition of existing structures and the new facility will contain

State of the art lectures theatres

Meeting rooms

Extensive classroom and studio facilities

Office accommodation

Laboratory accommodation

Learning resources units

External works

In the University policy on sustainability, the client needs the building to be carbon neutral. In addition, the university facility should make a clear architectural statement and must be constructed to the highest aesthetic and qualities standard. The budget to cover the total development cost, inclusive of construction works, statutory and professional fees approximately £20 million. The completion is critical, as the building requires handover by 1 august 2012 at the very latest, to accommodate the new academic year.

2.0 Procurement

The process of the procurement is acquiring goods and services, covering both acquisition from third parties and form in-house providers. The process span the whole life cycle from the identification of needs, to the end of a services contract or the end of the useful life of an asset. If they didn’t have any recognize, they will be not allow to follow the next step.

Once they have been recognized, it is important to succeed the information of what will lead to satisfaction. From there, it is a matter of determining what features are preferred, as well as determining an approximate amount of money that the consumer is willing to pay. If they can provide the following requirement, they can involve the evaluation of potential suppliers.

The evaluation suppliers will involve knowing more about the seller who can supply goods or services which can meet their requirement. This may involve negotiating prices or accepting proposals. Once the final decision is made between the two remaining suppliers, they can involve the final process. The final procurement process involves taking control of the good or service, ensuring the item is in agreement with all the claims which prepared by the supplier.

There has been change in procurement such as;

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