More Likely To Join A Gang

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The four-letter word Gang has three definitions according to the dictionary. A gang is a couple of youngsters or adolescents that are close, a group engaging in delinquent behaviour, and/or a group of people that have similar interest. In the year, 2015 there was 480 Chicago residents that was murdered.

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The next year there was 754 people killed which made the homicide rate increase by 58% in just one year. The Times Newspaper quotes this. Amongst that 754 was my God brother Jeffery A. Mattix Jr. Throughout my paper I will give you different reasons of why individuals joins gangs. I will give you stats about individuals in gangs, gang members that are in jail, Gang members that have been killed due to gangs and other stats about gangs and gang members. I will also provide statics on teen crime rate, teen prison rate, teen dropout rate, and history on gangs so we can have a better understanding of how everything takes part in blacks joining gangs.


My survey was created to produce statics on how many blacks ae in a gang and how many have family members that are in a gang. I want to gain knowledge on why African Americans choose to join gangs even after knowing what can possible happen when they are in a one. I want to learn the main reasons why blacks join gangs. With this survey, I plan to see if having family members in a gang go hand in hand with blacks joining a gang. I am asking questions to see if they are in a gang because of a family member or personal reasons. There is also questions to see why some people are not in gangs and their perspective of gangs. I asked questions about pros and cons of joining a gang.

The participants are all from Chicago, Illinois. The age group ranges from 14-65. I will include men and women that are African American. Some of the participants will be a part of a gang and some will not. I am also going to include participants that are in college, never went to college, graduated college, and those that did not finish high school. I am including high shooters and elementary students. My participants are also from different neighborhoods in Chicago.

I was not quite sure how to execute my survey because I have never had to have 75 participants in a study. The planning of getting my survey to everyone was what I thought about most because I wanted to be effective and did not want to spend a lot of time on that part. I first planned to make a survey on the internet so it is easy to access and pass along.

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