More gun, More violence

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Have you ever wondered if you would ever be able to go out again without worrying about being shot? Nowadays guns are very popular that is why so many shootings have been happening. The guns used in these shootings are also so much easier to get then you would think. Today is the day that our nation will try to stop these mass shootings starting with changing some laws around.

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It is important that the laws on gun violence are changed in order to make communities safer, limit the amount of gun owners, as well as making sure that gun owners have the proper training and permits needed to carry a gun.

The first thing that need to be done is making our community’s safe again. This needs to be done because nowadays people are scared to go to certain places. In order to do this a ban needs to be put on all assault rifles. These guns shoot at such a fast rate that it could injure people quickly just like in the Sandy Hook shooting. In the article the author states that about 40% of shootings happen with an assault rifle. The assault rifle is also one of the most popular sold guns in the United States. It has been estimated that about 3.3 million assault rifles were sold between 1986 and 2009.

Since there has been so many shootings over the past couple of years a way to stop this is by adding security into school and other places. Some schools may already have good security but it would be better for all schools to have that same privilege. This security consists of metal detectors and a couple of police officers. The metal detectors would be able to detect when someone is bringing a weapon somewhere. Although it is not going to stop all shootings it will definitely do something. Another we can do is have a couple a police officers stay in our schools all day. Doing this would make a safer environment for kids because they know is something were to happen someone would be there to help. This would also make a bigger challenge for the shooter to do something because there are armed police officers inside.

Another reason why so many people are getting their hands on guns is because they are not put in cases. Any person that buys a gun from someone should need to buy a case with it so it is not just laying around somewhere where it could be easily found. In the article the author says that about 1.7 million kids live with unlocked guns. Most of these people keep their guns in a closet or some kind cabinet in their bed room. At least with a case your guns will be locked up where people can’t easily get them.

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