Morality and Federal Funding Associated with Embryonic and Adult Stem Cell Research

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What is your personal moral standpoint on stem cell research? In today`s society, it is hard to differentiate between morally correct and politically correct, the line is often blurred in view. The intent of this research is to further scientific advancements but the price to pay is stepping across a couple personal boundaries. Angela Campbell wrote an interesting article for the American Journal of Law and Medicine in Boston outlining the biggest controversial topic of today pointing out, Worldwide, legislators and policy makers have struggled to craft meaningful and ethical parameters for the regulation of this new and evolving area of biotechnology (Campbell, 2005).

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This statement states a grave dilemma on ever resolving past the issue and finding a solution for technological advances. While very few of the following points hit on the federal funding issues most citizens have put forth more energy on pushing morals rather than funding. Many of the clinical trials discussed were ran all over the world and outline many different researchers’ ideas on stem cell research and their data findings and research methodology on this growing scientific exploration. Citizens and the government are at a standstill on whether to morally agree upon and federally fund stem cell research even though the research can potentially kill unborn embryos and is putting the government at a split decision on supporting the issue.

There are many types of ways to perform stem cell research. The first study goes over a popular way of getting stem cells, mesenchymal transplantation. Blanc started a study which was a prospective registration study to include all patients consecutively treated with mesenchymal stem cells in the participating centres of the European Group for Blood and Bone Marrow Transplantation mesenchymal stem cell consortium (Blanc,

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