Mohandas Gandhi: A Peace Maker

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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a distinguished freedom activist and the important political leader who played the most important part in India’s struggle of freedom. He worked all his life for his people and tried to show his people the right way of living. Apart from serving India success in its struggle for freedom against the British rule, he led a very simple and virtuous life, for which he is most remembered.

  Companions of Gandhi shared a large part of their lives, observing and learning from his life. Whether it was Gandhi’s daily routine or a big political step, he always thought it was way to teach his people the accurate way of living personally and socially.

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  This fond name for Gandhi, Bapu, which basically means dad, but the book that Manu published after the title Bapu- my mom, is an odd way to describe a man who has been a father to the whole nation. As a matter of fact, Manu’s mother had died when she was just a baby. Gandhi’s wife deiced to take care of Manu. After the death of Gandhi’s wife, he accepted the parental role. He prepared and cared for her, and Manu mentioned this in her book by saying that he was filled with affection higher than any mother would think. Manu and Gandhi spent a life time together and she was able to share her views and experiences with Gandhi and learn from his struggles and way of living. (manu,1962)

 She stood by him throughout his life and never complaint or revealed her feelings about Gandhi’s experiments in any sexual form. she said, “So Bapu mothered me. He had, no doubt, brought up quite a number of girls but to me he often said, “Have I not become your mother? I have been father to many but only to you I am mother. A father does of course concern himself with the bringing up of his children, but the real education of a girl comes from her mother. If a girl does not know some household work, the mother-in-law or the sister-in-law rebukes her saying, ‘Your mother does not seem to have taught you anything.’ No one finds fault with her father.” (Manu, 1962)

 Apart from Manu, Nirmal Kumar Bose, Gandhi’s secretary, spend a lot of time with Gandhi, especially during the last phase of Gandhi’s life. He thought that Gandhi was going through a change in his political and emotional life at that time. (Bose,1948). It was during 1946-1948 that personal and public life had reached climax for him. Both these were inter-linked, and Bose had a very close experience to witness all of it.

  After three years of Gandhi’s wife, the real struggle time had started for him. It was not only a struggle for him but the whole nation as the partition of India was the headline.

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