Mobile media and mobile privatization

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Thesis statement

The citizen band radio and smartphones play almost similar activities in that they all have the role of facilitating communication. However, there is a difference between the smartphones and the central band radio. Despite there being a difference between the smartphones and these primary band radio, there still exists some similarities between them. Therefore, in this paper, there is an examination of both the differences and similarities of smartphones and the central band radio through the use of mobile privatization and flow notions.


In the majority of the countries, the citizens band radio refers to the system of radio communication via short distances between the selections of forty channels within the twenty-seven megahertz band. The citizens band radio differs from the other allocations of personal radio services like UHF CB and also the Amateur Radio service. In most of the countries, the Citizens band radio operations do not need the license and may be applied in the businesses and personal communications. This Citizens band radio originated from the United States like one of the numerous individual radio services that were regulated by Federal Communications Commission. With the emergence of the era of smartphones, there existed both differences and similarities of these smartphones with this band radio all of which were applied in the individual communications as well as businesses. One of the differences between the citizens band radio and smartphones is that an individual may use or receive a citizens band radio while driving but may not or is not authoritatively required to use or obtain a phone while driving. The difference falls under the notion of flow. The possible dangers associated with texting and dialing while driving are obvious since these are activities that will take the eyes of drivers off or outside the road for a period of greater than one second. For example, “an individual will be violating the traffic rules to drive while texting.” Since this activity of using the smartphone while driving will distract the driver, various laws are put forward to limit the drivers from using the smartphones while driving. However, with the case of citizens band radio, the driver may speak through the speakerphone or Bluetooth since this is deemed not to cause any kind of distraction to the driver while driving or using a motor vehicle.

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